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In Surbiton

Looking to get your foot problems sorted once and for all?

If you're having problems with your feet, that are causing you discomfort or pain, choose the expertly delivered chiropody services offered by Jonathan Miller. With 20 years of experience I always ensure that every treatment is carried out professionally and comfortably every time. To find out more about the two locations I work from (two days a week) or to book a home visit, just navigate to my contact page.

Prefer a home visit?

I work one day a week from the Surbiton Natural Health Centre, as well as another day out of the Pearcare Pharmacy, also in Surbiton.


You're able to enjoy the full range of footcare treatments and services in both locations as well as from the comfort of your own home with my home visitation service.

As well as offering a chiropody service from my two locations, I can also extend my services to a home visit for your convenience. To find out more just contact me today.

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